3 June 2022

LIFE Comp0live presents the latest advances of the project at the IOC headquarters in Madrid

The University of Jaén, a partner of LIFE Comp0live, announced the results obtained in recent months within the framework of the project on the revaluation of […]
20 May 2022

The spokesperson for the Agriculture Commission of Congress knows the biocomposites developed from olive pruning in the LIFE Comp0live project

This European project, coordinated by Andaltec, develops a new generation of biocomposites based on olive fiber for the manufacture of automotive components, outdoor furniture and home […]
16 May 2022

The president of the employers’ association of car dealers in Spain knows the progress of the LIFE COMP0LIVE project

The president of Faconauto, Gerardo Pérez, learned about the progress of the LIFE Comp0live R&D project during his visit to the headquarters of the ANDALTEC Technology […]
4 March 2022

Presentation of the progress of the LIFE COMP0LIVE project at the virtual congress Ecocity World Summit 2022

Juan Pablo Ferrer, researcher at Andaltec, has presented the progress of the Comp0live project at the Ecocity World Summit 2022. This international congress, focused on the […]
16 February 2022

FORD, COSENTINO and the International Olive Council participate in the first technical seminar of the Life-Comp0live project

The European project LIFE Comp0live, led by Andaltec, has organized its first Technical Seminar, with the participation of experts from Spain, France and Germany. The seminar […]
16 February 2022

Dissemination of the european project Life Comp0live at the Transfiere Rorum in Malaga

The Plastic Technology Center (Andaltec) has traveled to Malaga to participate in the Transfiere Forum, considered the most important event on research, development and innovation in […]
17 December 2021

LIFE COMP0LIVE participates in the 3RD International Yale Symposium on Olive Oil & Health

Yale University -Yale School Public Health- and the University of Jaén have organized, with the sponsorship of the “Diputación Provincial de Jaén”, the 3RD International Yale […]
14 June 2021

Annual visit of the NEEMO monitoring team to Andaltec

On the 8th of June the monitoring team of LIFE-COMP0LIVE  Project, NEEMO, went to to the headquarters of the Plastic Technology Center (Andaltec), leader of this […]