13 April 2023

LIFE Comp0live attends the largest technology event in southern Spain

The Minister of University, Research and Innovation, José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, has seen first-hand the new biocomposites developed from olive pruning that the project intends to […]
13 April 2023

LIFE Comp0live protagonist of a video on the main initiatives for the recovery of olive grove #by-products

The LIFE Comp0live project, promoted by Andaltec, is the protagonist of the video ‘Valuing the #by-products of the #olive grove’ made by the Jaén Provincial Council […]
16 March 2023

LIFE Comp0live makes a niche for itself on Engineering Day

The University of Jaén, a partner in the project, has presented the progress of LIFE Comp0live, in the “Conference for the Dissemination of Research and Technological […]
9 December 2022

LIFE Comp0live promotes environmental awareness in classrooms

Researchers from the University of Jaén, a partner in the project, presented the results of the LifeComp0live project to 3rd-year high school students at Maristas School […]
30 November 2022

Life COMP0LIVE contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Researchers from the project participated this morning in the 14th International Forum on Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering (IFM2E 2022) organized by the Polytechnic School of Jaén. […]
29 November 2022

LIFE Comp0live is seeking synergies with LIFE OLEA REGENERA to achieve a sustainable economy in the use of olive resources

Researchers from Citoliva, a member organization of the project, participated in the final conference of the LIFE OLEA REGENERA project held in Jaén, with the aim […]
28 November 2022

Consorcium Meeting of LIFE Comp0live

Today, the partners of the LIFE Comp0live project consortium have gathered at the headquarters of Ford GmbH (Ford Research and Innovation Center) in Aachen, Germany, to […]
11 November 2022

LIFE Comp0live participates in the Terra Oleum Oil Economy contest

Researchers from the Andaltec technology center, leader of LIFE Comp0live, and the University of Jaén, a partner of the same, have presented the progress of the […]