LIFE COMP0LIVE participates in the 3RD International Yale Symposium on Olive Oil & Health

LIFE Comp0live seeks synergies in Circular Economy
27 November 2021
Dissemination of the european project Life Comp0live at the Transfiere Rorum in Malaga
16 February 2022

Yale University -Yale School Public Health- and the University of Jaén have organized, with the sponsorship of the “Diputación Provincial de Jaén”, the 3RD International Yale Symposium on Olive Oil & Health, and the 4th International Congress On Olive Oil, Olive Groves and Health, which was held from the last 9 to 12 December. It was the first time it has been held in Spain, bringing together more than 150 experts from different countries around the world such as Spain, the United States, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, Germany, Israel, the United Kingdom, Japan and Argentina.

The Symposium, designed as a scientific and rigorous forum in which the latest advances in the sector have been presented, has been a forum for information and debate on the best policies and initiatives to tackle climate change, through the bioeconomy and the circular economy. In this sense, Manuela Cano, Andaltec’s European project manager, presented the advances made by the Technology Centre in the field of the revaluation of waste derived from the production of olive oil for use as a source of bio-based plastic materials and natural fibers that act as reinforcing agents, being the latter the case where the LIFE Comp0live project is framed.